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The Southern Missouri Pagan List is not affiliated with the Earth Spirit Newsletter.

Please contact the list moderator, Tara Miller, if you have any questions or comments.

Welcome to the Southern Missouri Pagan List home page!

The Southern Missouri Pagan list (smopagan) is a place for people over 17 in Southern Missouri and the surrounding area to have a wonderful time exchanging ideas and information with others who share and respect their beliefs. The list is not restricted to Pagans. Anyone with an open mind may join.

Member Requirements and Expectations

Membership Requirements:

You must be over 17 and living in Southern Missouri. (exceptions can be made for people living in Northern Missouri, Western Kentucky and Tennesse, Southwestern Illinois, and Northern Arkansas)

Member Expectations:

respect each members's beliefs

participate through discussions not bashing

E-mail etiquette:

When you chose "reply" your letter will be sent to the list and read by all subscribers. If you want to e-mail someone privately you will need to create a new message.

When you reply to a letter please cut out any extra text from the letter you are responding to. This will save subscribers time and computer space.

Do not post chain letters to the list.

Do not distribute or publish any letter from the list with out the permission of the author.

How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe

Letters of application can be sent to the list owner, Tara Miller.

The application must include:

1. full name

2. name you will be using on the list (nickname)

3. birthdate

4. city and state

5. e-mail

If you are eligible you will be added to the list and sent a confirmation letter from Onelist which hosts the Southern Missouri Pagan list. Onelist requires that you register with them once you have subscribed. You can find out more about Onelist and mailing lists at

You will be notified if you do not meet the requirements as well.

To unsubscribe from this list:

Go to the ONElist web site, at, and select the User Center link from the menu bar on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription between digest and normal mode.