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A View of the Creation

In the beginning there was the Divine. The Divine was aware of itself and had always been, was, and would always be. It was all of existence.

Then the Divine shattered its consiousness into an infinate number of light beings or souls so it could learn about itself from different views. And when the Conscious had again come to know all that there was to know about itself as a collective, the souls used energy to form multiple physical realities. The universe, the Milky Way Galaxy, our Solar System, and the planets within it. Their life force became a part of all things, so that all things breathing, and non-breathing were a part of them.

Each soul then chose to enter this "physical" reality, forcing themselves to become isolated from the Collective, so they could experience life as individual beings. And so the Divine could experience as many different things as possible at once.

This material plane became a school for a lesson in Chaos. The Chaos of independent free-thinking life forms interacting with each other. Their goal was to experience as much as possible, then return to the collective and share what they had learned.

We are those souls, and the world around us pulsates with the power of the Divine from which we were formed. We in a way are God, yet what is a drop of water to a mighty river? The drop of water can do little, a river can carve canyons. We are a part of God, but we are not Gods.

I don't have all of the answers and I know nobody does. Some may be closer to explaining God the Universe and everything than others, though.

I think the universe is God. Well, the material aspect of the Divine anyway. Here is why.

I am eclectic that means I draw my beliefs from many different religions. I can't tell you where I get every little idea from, though. The best way I understand God is as a cone which spirals.

I see God as an all knowing all encompassing being. It is everything at once. It has no beginning and no end. God is outside of time. God experiences everything every possible outcome at once. From the creation of this planet to humans as we are now, happened at once in God's point of view. This Divine being is the top or point of the cone. It is when the Divine or Creator spread out that the material world began to form.

Now, as the Divine expands things begin to slow down and time can be perceived but only if you want to. Otherwise things happen quicker then it would on the material realm, (i.e. our planet a human reality). This is the energy realm or heaven, nirvana, astral. It really depends on your culture.

Finally the base, where the God force seems to stop. Where energy has slowed to the point that it is solid. Matter is slowed down energy, is it not? And time is relative but we see it as the movement of particles through space. We perceive the changes of matter and so on. ( Boy I hope I am being clear enough.) So we perceive solid objects and time. But ultimately existence is the top of the cone where everything is energy and things have, are, and will happen in an instant.

Why did the God force spread out? Now this is where it gets tricky and I am pretty sure I won't explain it right. God spread out to learn about itself. But see, everything happens at once to the divine so God is omnipotent. This expansion is instantaneous to God, slow to us. So I say, God doesn't need to learn because it already has. This really blew me away when I first thought about it. I could be wrong. But it is how I see God. Because matter is our slowed perception of the God force, it is why I think God is the universe as God is in our planet, the trees, us. Does that make us Gods? I don't think so. I think we are a part of God. See, what can a drop of water do? But a river, composed of trillions of these drops, can carve canyons.

Someone on the Art Bell BBS asked me:

"Tara, if the physical universe is the furthest point of God then how could this be the ultimate reality. This is a description of finitude and falls short of the omnipresence that the ultimate reality or God would have to possess. Also if the energy of God dissipates (slows down) then don't we also have a God which is lacking omnipotence? "

Yes, this is a good question. Let me try to explain.

The slowing isn't necessarily a weakening. Matter is slowed down energy. The God essence in a solid state. This isn't a weaker form but a different state of being. The Ultimate state of God is an entity, a consciousness. Like the body is a vessel of the soul, and both make up a human being, so is God a consciousness which can exist as energy and thought or matter. The cone metaphor is just a way I try to explain this view. Overall God is everything that was, is and will be at once. So I have to break it down into lineal terms. I did not mean to imply that God weakens.

Now, let us think upon this further. God is the ying and the yang. Masculine and feminine, good and evil because God is all. God knows evil. The Divine has this knowledge. Humanity didn't make it up. But! God is not a cruel entity. Love and peaceful cohabitation is the greatest path. God knows this and he teaches us this through books like the bible and through Jesus, or as Jesus in some beliefs. Evil is harming others is it not? God doesn't harm us because God loves and cares for us. God is not selfish and greedy as man is. Evil may exist in creation but that doesn't make creation evil. Evil is action and emotion not a manefestation. There are two different views of what creation is. Some say it is evil so God can not be a part of it and I say it is good because God is a part of it.

People have said:

"The sciences show that not just our planet and atmosphere are breaking down and away, but also the very solar system itself. So if God is the universe, then He really isn't much of a God at all."

Ah, there are many ways to look at things. First of all, our solar system, galaxy, universe, is expanding and wearing down. But it is also changing and reforming. Einstein and other great minds said that energy never disappears it is reshaped. We die, our body returns to the soil to nourish planets which nourish animals, which nourish something else so that what was once dead helps others live. On a grander scale, if a planet is destroyed its matter will go on to be a part of a star or burn up in the atmosphere of another planet. Also, science is always making new discoveries. As we unlock on thing we can answer some questions then unearth more. With quantum physics and the study of black and white holes scientist such as Steven Hawking and Carl Sagan have developed theories that universes are constantly being destroyed and created. Not instantly but gradually over billions of years. There books can be found in stores and Steven Hawking has a Web site.

Man can never understand every aspect of God, but that shouldn't stop us from discovering new things about ourselves and the world around us just because we were not meant to know. Sometimes what you don't know CAN hurt you. People used to throw garbage into the street and throw waist into their rivers. Look at old London. We eventually learned about germs and how they spread.

"God as matter? How limiting."

If God was ONLY the universe then He would be limited. BUT! Many of those who believe God dwells in all things knows that God isn't just matter but a supreme consciousness which knows all and sees all. How is that limited?

If God is all things as the Bible teaches, then why can God not also be the universe. Why can God not also be within us and the trees, the rocks, the water all of nature all that there is. Just because humans make mistakes and don't do what is right doesn't mean God is not living with us. It does not mean that God is in another realm keeping his distance. God is everywhere watching and ready to help when we ask. Like any good Parent He allows us to discover on our own and make mistakes. He does not constantly hold our hands and keep us in the house (heaven).

May we learn and grow under the ever watchful and loving eye of the Creator.

Follow my thoughts.

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