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Earth Spirit's List of Links

These links will take you away from the Earth Spirit website, so make sure you BOOKMARK this page or the ES Homepage before you start browsing the web.

Environment and Animal Rights

Thousands of concerned people over the world joined to provide environmental information.

The Rainforest Foundation
Organization started by the singer, STING, and his wife Trudie Styler.

US Humane Society
The United State's largest animal protection organization. They also do some environmental work.

National Anti-Vivisection Society

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Luna Tree Sit
Julie Butterfly has been180 ft up in a redwood tree, called Luna, since Dec. 10, 1997, to protect this ancient tree and protest the destruction of the Headwaters redwood forest.

Social and Political Activism

Coalition for Religious Freedom

ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union


AMER - Alliance for Magical and Earth Religions


Pagan Events Calendar
Pagan publications and events in the MidWest USA.

Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
Official Web Site of the OBOD

The Solitary Practitioner's Answers to FAQ about Druidism
All the facts, myths, and traditions of Druidism and ancient Celtic society. It has received a "Best of the Web" award.

Druidism FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Druidism.

Wicca FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about the Pagan religion Wicca.

Traditional Paganism
This page discusses the basic differences between modern Wicca and traditional Paganism.

Pagan Educational Network
"PEN is a non-profit, proactive organization dedicated to educating the public about Paganism as well as building, stronger, healthier communities through service."

The Witches' Voice Inc.
"The Witches' Voice is a proactive educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Withcraft."


Christian FAQ
Moderated Questions about Christianity

Celtic Spirituality
Information about Celtic Christianity, a branch of Christianity which sees nature as a blessing.

Unitarian Universalists

Unitarian Universalist Association

CUPPS: Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans


Durga: Queen of the Material Energy by Satyaraja Dasa

This site is about the role of the Goddess in the Hindu religion.

General Religious and Spiritual Links

Mysticism in World Religions

New World Society
"Mission Statement: To bring diverse religions and cultures together through a common society that makes it their obligation to educate the human race. We believe that prejudices are formed from ignorance, so we hope to create a source of knowledge concerning religious and cultural practices to help lessen the grip of prejudice on our world."

The Ontario Religious Tolerance Organization
The facts about religions around the world. You won't find any uninformed exclusivist views at this site.

Spirit Web
A web site filled with articles about spirituality.

U.S. Politics and Government Links
FedWorld Government Database
Find any information you want on government agencies, the different branches of government, policies, etc.

State and Local Government on the Net

White House
Contact the President, Vice President, and their families as well as find information on current speeches, policies, and much more information about the Executive branch.

Rominger Legal Supreme Court Web Directory

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

Congressional Quarterly
Find out what bills are currently up for vote in Congress, who your Senators and Representatives are and how they have voted.

American Reform Party

Communist Party USA

Democratic Party

Labor Party

Libertarian Party

Green Party

Reform Party

Republican Party

Socialist Labor Party of America

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