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Guidance from a HIGHER source can be identified by these traits:

1. Message is always for the good of the whole.
2. Message focuses on helping others and is inclusive, not separative; its purpose is service to society.
3. Creates love, inspires, and empowers the receiver.
4. Only advice is given, surrender of one's free will is never demanded.
5. Message never conflicts with one's personal ethics.
6. The guide/spirit recognizes a higher power (if Christian, Christ; if Hindu, Krshna, etc.).
7. Presents creative new information relevant to the receiver's next step; often presents a new approach or new level of spiritual teachings, but does not contradict basic religious truths.
8. Usually is short,to the point and intelligent.
9. Often a still, small voice.
10. Channel remains conscious of what is said and is able to control it by moderateing the flow of information; often just receives impressions/visions and must then translate into own words.
11. Received through head, heart and throat chakras or centers, in unison. A light and open feeling may occur.
12. Emphasizes the personal effort necessary for spiritual growth and the slow process of evolution towards fully expressing our God-self and all our potential. Doesn't offer any quick fixes.

Guidance from a LOWER source can be identified by these traits:

1. Usually is only for the good of the one receiving it (and sometimes at the expense of others). Oh do what you want no matter what, type attitude.
2. Flatters the ego of the receiver and creates glamor, specialness and separation; often appeals to greed and desire for power; purpose is often just to satisfy curiosity.
3. May create fear, negativity or feelings of unworthiness.
4. Often demands obedience and surrender of one's will.
5. May conflict with one's personal ethics.
6. Often claims ultimate authority for itself. These entities have realy big attitudes.
7. Usually presents a repeat of old ideas that can be found anywhere and are usually generalities rather than specifics; sometimes contradicts teaching of major religions. They ramble and try to sound important.
8. Often is long and flowery and/or confusing or contradictory.
9. Lower level entities want attention so this misleading infomaton often comes as many confusing voices competing for attention.
10. Channel is usually unconscious in a trance state (mediumistic) and can't control what's said or written (automatic writing); may happen at any time, even if inconvenient or embarrassing for channel; often frightening others. They go into convulsions, foam at the mouth etc.
11. Received through the solarplexus center. Perhapse a knot will form in the stomach.
12. Often claims spiritual growth happens with no personal effort and proclaims the half-truth that we are gods and perfect just as we are.

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